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Thames Centre Council - May 25, 2020

Today, Thames Centre Council meets at 1:00 to discuss various reports and issues. Albeit it is a gorgeous, sunny day with lots of other things you could be doing, you can livestream the Council meeting here:

Some highlights/notes to the meeting include: 1) I will be declaring a conflict of interest in the Court of Revision for the Swizter Municipal Drain, as my parents are affected landowners and financially assessed for the costs of the proposed work. You wil see that during this portion of the meeting that my video and microphone will be off as I “leave” the meeting. When a Conflict of Interest is declared, you cannot participate in the discussion or vote, nor can you discuss the issue at all with anyone prior, during, or after the meeting. You must also submit your declaration of conflict in writing prior to the meeting, and declare at the start of the meeting your conflict. If you are absent for a meeting in which you have a conflict, at the next meeting, you must declare your conflict then. 2) Watson and Associates will be here to present our Financial Plan and Water and Wastewater Rate Study. You can see a full detailed explanation of all of this in my previous post. 3) You can view Thames Centre’s 2019 Financial Report here:…/803016_F_ReportF_006_20_20… 4) There is a report before us in regards to COVID and the impacts of pool operations, as well as our playground and other summer camp operations:…/803038_Admin_ReportA_007_2…

There are other reports on the agenda, but you can find the full agenda here to read at your leisure:

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