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Thames Centre 2020 Budget

Thames Centre Council approved a 0.19% tax rate increase during March's deliberations.

In 2020, we have budgeted $10,656,938 in operating costs to run the entire Municipality of Thames Centre for the year. Some key changes to the tax levy that reflect the tax rate increase include: -$390,850 identified in one-time costs -$63,231 increase in OPP contract -$26,211 increase in insurance premiums -$48,625 increase in Solid Waste Collections contract -$30,000 decrease in hauled recycling revenues -$181,739 in cost fluctuations (1.8% CPI increases throughout budget) -$8563 increase in Conservation Authority levies -($134,000) increase in OMPF over 2019 budget -($45,000) increase in aggregate gravel royalty revenue

There is also over $18M in capital projects that are budgeted to happen across Thames Centre in 2020. Capital projects are funded through grants, federal gas tax, OCIF (provincial funding), development charges (growth), debt, external revenues (ie. fundraising) or through reserve funds - or a combination of two or more. Some of these projects include: -$57,500 in replacement bunker gear for both Dorchester and Thorndale fire halls -$1,050,000 - hard surface Evelyn Drive (Purple Hill-Cobble Hills) -$488,400 - hard surface Evelyn Dr (Heritage to Fairview) -$489,600 - hard surface Fairview Road (end of pavement to Plover Mills Road) -$20,000 - replace sidewalk Putnam Road -$409,5000 - hard surface Gladstone Dr (County Road 74 to Dorchester Road) -$243,073 - Gladsone Culvert (btwn Lewis and Putnam) -$36,100 - cost to transfer Donnybrook Drive to Middlesex County -$1,020,000 in various road projects to correspond with water and wastewater projects - incl. Oakwood Drive, Oakwood Place, Dale Dr. Minnie Street -$350,000 - upgrade gravel on Mossley Drive -$224,000 - bridge and culverts upgrade program -$2,800,000 - Thorndale Community Centre -$250,000 - Thorndale Community Centre Parkland -$900,000 - Thames Centre Pool Redevelopment -$500,000 - Pool Building Renovation -$556,000 - Thorndale Field House -$40,000 - Annual Playground Upgrade Program -$50,000 - Annual Community Trails Program -$35,000 - Thames Centre Dog Day Park -$35,900 - New Mower and ATV dedicated to service delivery in Thorndale -$320,000 - New 3 Ton Snow Plow -$130,000 - New Sidewalk Snow Plow to improve service delivery

There is lots of exciting things happening in Thames Centre and lots of projects on the go!

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