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Reminders for Thames Centre Residents

A few reminders for Thames Centre residents that I have posted on social media in various videos:

1) Please be respectful to all of our community members who are working in various businesses including our restaurants, drug stores, hardware stores, grocery stores, etc. Only go shopping for essential items that you need, and when you do go out, please follow all social distancing instructions and laws. Please continue to support our local businesses as much as you can, many are going out of their way to ensure they can continue to serve you!

2) Playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, skate parks, baseball diamonds and soccer fields are closed by provincial law under the Emergency Management Act. Thames Centre has continued to allow trails and open parks to remain open for walking access only as long as residents continue to follow social distancing measures and respect the areas. Obey social distancing and any posted signage, including at the Mill Pond Trail where you are requested to only walk in one direction. If these are not obeyed, we will be forced to close all trails and open parks.

3) If you are out walking your dog, please clean up after them.

4) As COVID-19 continues to effect many of our residents, we have more and more families utilizing our food bank - which is great, because that is what it is there for! Stay tuned in the next week as we announce a "no-contact food drive" to collect donations for the Thames Centre Food Bank.

5) Thames Centre had over $30 million in capital construction projects scheduled in 2020. Unfortunately Premier Doug Ford's announcement last Friday that has halted construction will impact our capital projects. We will have an update coming soon that will review which projects we can continue with under provincial law, and which we cannot.

6) Q

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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