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My family lives just outside of Thorndale, in Thames Centre. Both kids, Colin and Abagail, attend West Nissouri Public School in Thorndale. We are active across Thames Centre as both kids play hockey with Dorchester Minor Hockey, Colin plays baseball with the U13 Regional Stars and Abagail plays with the Golden Feet Soccer Club in Nilestown. In 2014, I took a chance and ran in the Municipality of Thames Centre's elections to represent my community as the Ward 1 Councillor. I knew that our community deserved a strong voice that would represent our growing community. 


As someone who was born and raised in Thorndale, and is now raising my family here, I have the unique ability to respect the roots in which our small community is built upon, yet recognize the importance and need for growth. My great-great-grandparents decided that Thorndale was a bright and growing spot to raise their family, and so do I. I also know that there are many other families that feel that way. I also know that Thorndale is not unique in Thames Centre, all of our communities are a highly desirable spot to work, live and play.  


I am also fortunate enough to have the passion of politics and representing the communities of Thames Centre around the horseshoe in my blood.  My Grandpa, Nelson Elliott, was an incredible man and politician, and because of him I always wanted to get involved. I just thought I would do it when I at least managed to fit in the “old” part of the “old boys club”. When you decide to get involved in any level of government, you need a key support group. Grandpa had my Grandma Lucy – his “Buttercup” and his family. For me? It includes my family, but most importantly, it included my Grandpa Nels. Grandpa was the one who really encouraged me to run for office, we both shared a passion for politics and doing better for our community. I will never forget his voice when he called for more lawn signs during my election campaign, or to tell me which houses he stopped at and if they wanted to see me. The smile on his face the morning after the election results were announced could be seen for miles. In fact, he carried a print out of the election results in his pocket for months after the election. Unfortunately, a little piece of my heart passed away in 2017, and I lost my biggest supporter – but that doesn’t stop me from striving to be the progressive, strong representative for our communities like he was. 

I have always been a strong voice and put Thames Centre issues on the map, being regularly featured on AM980 CFPL, Global News, London Free Press, The Signpost, various agricultural publications such as Better Farming, and even was featured on TVO on "The Agenda with Steve Paikin" discussing rural infrastructure issues. 

It is an honour and privilege to serve as your Deputy Mayor in Thames Centre.

-Kelly Elliott

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